Faces Behind The Mask Campaign

Celebrating & Recognizing Frontline HCWs

The Face Behind The Mask campaign is an initiative by Citizens Action Group, a group of concerned citizens mobilizing support for the governments’ efforts to eradicate COVID 19

It is aimed at recognizing and celebrating the sacrifices and achievements of frontline Health Care Workers who are at the forefront of Nigeria’s response to the pandemic.

As part of ongoing initiatives supporting the government's efforts to eradicate COVID 19, CAG has prioritized the recognition and appreciation of frontline Health Care Workers who are the last line of defence against this pandemic.

To achieve this, we are currently running a national campaign called Faces Behind the Mask, where nominated Health Care Workers are recognized on our platforms and awarded a token appreciation for the essential roles they play at great personal risk in controlling the pandemic.

  • To identify and celebrate the contributions of Frontline HCWs
  • To promote awareness of the importance of HCWs, their efforts and the risks they endure to keep us all safe
  • Mobilise goodwill and support in the form of much-needed resources to help keep our HCWs safe

The goal is to appreciate the hard work and courage of frontline HCWS, create awareness of the challenges they face and provide a focal point for ongoing projects geared towards meeting the basic needs of these brave men and women.


The Award is open to ALL active frontline workers and volunteers and will recognize diligence, sacrifice and courage in the discharge of their duties.

#FBTM The Award

The campaign will run for a 3 month period across various states in Nigeria and will be published on all CAGs platforms as well as on other high profile media channels. It has 2 distinct categories:

  • Recognition:
    We intend to acknowledge all frontline HCWs on our wall of honour where they will be celebrated by visitors to our site. Every HCW will be issued a THANK YOU e-certificate.
  • Awards:
    Each week a number of awardees will be selected and featured. They will be contacted and awarded their token of appreciation. Posthumous awards will also be presented to frontline HCWs who paid the ultimate price. They will be recognized and awards will be given to representatives of their families.
Wall of Fame

Click the button above to celebrate a Wall of Famer with a digital badge.
All Awards will be managed and disbursed by our Strategic Partner Investment One.

Workplace Nominees

These are nominees that are recognized and nominated by the parastatal or Rapid Response Team they volunteer for or are posted to. Once selected, they become awardees and will constitute 50% of the final awardees.

Raffle Nominees

These are nominees recognized (where possible) by colleagues and nominated via the nomination process below. Awardees will be selected based on the highest number of nominations as stated in the selection process below and will constitute a further 25% of awardees.

Partner Nominees

These nominees are picked at random from a raffle sponsored by CAGs strategic partners and once selected, become awardees. They make up the final 25% of awardees.

All nominees will be recognized before the announcement of the FBTM award winners.

Nomination Process

To nominate an active HCW, you will be required to fill a nomination form and answer a few questions about your nominee. Nominees may be selected by more than one individual. At the end of the nomination period, Nominees with the highest votes will be selected as awardees.

When naming a candidate for the award, the nominee must currently be appointed or volunteering with the COVID 19 Rapid Response Team of their state. You will need to provide some personal details (Name, Role, Location etc) about your nominee so have this on hand when filling the nomination form.

Details of why they are nominated will be required but will only be used in a vetting process. To nominate an active HCW, please click on the link below to access the nomination form.

Nominate now
  • Nominees will be cross-checked against existing databases of active HCWs
  • Background profiles will be assessed via conversations with HoDs, and supervisors where possible.
Selection Procress

Final awardees from category 2 (raffle nominees) will be selected by a random draw held at the beginning of each week and announced on this page and other media platforms.

They will be added to the lists of awardees from the Workplace and Sponsors Categories and announced on our platforms.